The Series with Diane Lee - A Certification and Clinical Mentorship in The Integrated Systems Model

Course description

For many years Diane has been asked by course participants to provide clinical mentorship. In the past, her courses have been theoretical, practical and often of short duration (2-4 days). While these do provide an understanding of her clinical approach as well as some introductory skills; Diane’s experience with mentoring her associates is that clinical consultation over an extended period of time is required to consolidate learning, enhance palpation skills, and accelerate the integration of newly learned theoretical and practical material into clinical practice.

In 2007, a ‘series’ of three 5-day courses was introduced and while this series improved clinicians’ understanding of the the material taught, many still lacked confidence in their palpation and clinical reasoning skills.

This “Series with Diane Lee - A Certification and Clinical Mentorship in The Integrated Systems Model” is a new course that evolved from the Discover Physio Series that Diane co-developed. New next year is the certification process whereby Diane will use her extensive past experience as Chief Examiner for the Orthopaedic Division of CPA to evaluate the participants knowledge and skills.

Join Diane, and her team of highly skilled assistants, on this 8-month journey and immerse yourself in a series of education opportunities that will improve your clinical efficacy for treating the whole person using The Integrated Systems Model for Disability & Pain.

We will come together for 3 sessions of 5 days that will include a review of your online lecture learning provided prior to the course start) with lots of practical/clinical time to focus on acquiring the skills and clinical reasoning to put this model into practice. You will be expected to learn the theoretical concepts of the ISM approach online by being given complimentary access to many hours of brand new online lectures, short practical video clips, and complete case reports. This feature is unique to Diane’s Series.

Your clinical reasoning skills will be honed not only through the in-class practical sessions but also through on-going daily support provided through a special LinkedIn group that is directed by both Diane and the teaching team.

The Integrated Systems Model for Disability & Pain

The Integrated Systems Model for Disability & Pain (Lee & Lee), is a framework to help clinicians organize knowledge (evidence and experientially based) and develop clinical reasoning skills that subsequently facilitate best decisions for treatment. A key feature of this approach is Meaningful Task Analysis and Finding the Primary Driver. Briefly, this involves choosing tasks to assess that are relevant to the patient’s story (meaningful to the patient’s complaints and functional difficulties), assessing the whole body (strategy analysis of the task) to find the criminal (the driver), and then developing sound hypotheses as to how the criminal relates to its multiple victims.

By the end of this series you will have ISM skills to quickly determine, for example:

  1. if a poorly controlled ankle is contributing to your patient’s pelvic girdle pain,
  2. if you should treat the thorax before, or after, or with, the pelvis,
  3. if you should release and align the cranium before addressing the neurodynamics of the spinal dura and its peripheral nerves,
  4. if you should address the clavicle, scapula or upper thoracic rings for shoulder elevation,
  5. how to wake up transversus abdominis and the pelvic floor more quickly than ‘finding the best cue’,
  6. how and when to train the pelvic floor - external palpation of the pelvic floor for assessment and training
  7. when to dry needle a muscle, when to stretch, when to strengthen,
  8. when a diastasis rectus abdominis should be referred for surgery and much more and how to use Diane’s new Baby Belly Pelvic Support.

We will provide you with extensive training in the key components of treatment in the ISM approach namely RACM – release, align, connect and move! We will teach you when and how to use release with awareness neuromuscular techniques and, new and unique to the 2014 + beyond Series with Diane Lee, safe manipulation techniques to release the joints of the thorax, lumbar spine, pelvis and foot. Regional experts who work with the ISM approach will also be invited to offer the latest information on their field of expertise. This is a ‘practice-changing’ course that will organize your current closet of knowledge and facilitate best decisions for treatment of a whole person using an integrated whole body/person approach, The Integrated Systems Model for Disability & Pain.

Cancellation Policy - please read carefully

Diane Lee & Associates reserves the right to alter the schedule or cancel this course. If this course is cancelled by Diane Lee & Associates a full refund will be provided. If a course registrant cancels prior to six weeks before the course start date and the spot can be filled, a full refund (minus an administration fee of $50) will be provided. If a course participant cancels AFTER the start of the course (completes only Parts 1 or 2), there is no refund, but 50% of the remaining tuition will be provided as a credit toward a future course hosted by Diane Lee & Associates in White Rock, South Surrey. There is no academic credit given for partial completion of The Series with Diane Lee, all 3 parts must be taken in the same year for completion, parts missed cannot be taken in subsequent years.

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