SI belt - The Com-Pressor

The Com-Pressor is a sacroiliac belt specifically designed and patented by Diane Lee intended for use during core muscle training.



NOTE: This product contains Latex

Low back and pelvic pain often occur when there are problems involving the deep muscles of the core. These muscles often need training before strengthening, yes there is a difference (see Core training vs. strengthening - What is the difference and Why it Matters).

During the training part of your program, a sacroiliac belt is often advised both for pain relief and support of the sacroiliac joints and/or pubic symphysis. The Com-Pressor is a unique sacroiliac belt that supports the pelvis specifically where it is needed the most during this training period.

The Com-Pressor SI belt is used as an adjunct during core muscle training and acts both to provide mechanical support and sensory input to remind the brain which muscle(s) need 'waking up'. How does it do this?

The Com-Pressor supports the pelvis through the tension of its very strong, an individually applied, elastic straps. The straps are attached to an underlying inelastic strap that is worn around the pelvis just below the anterior, superior iliac spines (ASISs) (bones at the front of your pelvis) and above the greater trochanters of the femurs (lateral hip bones). The inelastic white strap (body belt) should be worn directly on the skin. If the belt is worn over clothing, it tends to slip.

The elastic straps are then applied over the white body belt. Where you put the elastic straps depends on what you need most and this is determined by a quick test known as the Active Straight Leg Raise Test.

The Com-Pressor

Is this belt for you?

Lie on your back and lift one leg off the table (keep your knee straight) and pay attention to how hard it is to lift and what happens to your pain. Repeat with the other leg.

  1. Is one leg harder to lift than the other?
  2. Does lifting the left, or the right, or either leg, increase your pelvic pain?

Now have someone squeeze your hip bones together:

  1. in the front, then
  2. in the back and then
  3. obliquely through the pelvis from one side in the front to one side in the back (left front and right back and then right front and left back – see photo).

While your hips are being squeezed together in different locations, repeat the leg lift, first the left leg and then the right, and notice if:

  1. your leg is lighter to lift or
  2. your pain is less.

If either of these occurs during any of the specific pelvic compressions, then the Com-Pressor Sacroiliac Belt is for you and the straps are applied to the white body belt (in standing) exactly where the compressions of the pelvis made it easier for you to lift your leg.

For more information on how, and when, to use this unique sacroiliac belt, watch the short video at the top of this page. There is more information on how to wear The Com-Pressor SI belt in the instruction booklet that comes with the belt.

For the best outcome, this belt should be used in conjunction with core training under the supervision of a qualified physiotherapist.

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