Akasha Yoga Studio

Akasha Yoga Studio

Individual Yoga Therapy

Leanne Kitteridge

Sometimes, old movement and posture habits are easy to release and change during your physiotherapy or massage treatment session, but then they keep coming back.

The story goes something like this: you tell us, "I felt better for a few days after our last session, but I can't seem to keep feeling better. The muscles tighten up and I feel the same again." Frustration mounts for both you and your therapist (physio or massage) as your brain resists letting go of its old habits. Let's face it - old habits are tough to break.

Sometimes, all that is needed to hang onto new habits for posture and movement is a short-term coach and a few sessions of movement training to really change your brain. Leanne Kitteridge has special training in therapeutic Yoga and the Integrated Systems Model.

In your one-on-one yoga therapy session, you will be guided through movement training that compliments your physiotherapy or massage therapy. You will learn how to change poor breathing patterns, calm your nervous system, as well as yoga based exercises that are targeted to your particular challenges and restrictions. After one or more individual sessions, your Yoga therapist may suggest that you progress to our Group Therapeutic Yoga classes.

Group Therapeutic Yoga Classes: Structural Alignment

An individual Yoga Therapy session with Leanne or Chelsea is required prior to attending a Group Therapeutic Yoga Class. This allows Leanne and Chelsea the opportunity to connect with you, complete an assessment and provide you the most support during your Yoga classes.

Structural Alignment Yoga focuses on cultivating optimal alignment, biomechanics and control through various postures. This practice will involve dynamic movement while moving at a slow pace. Patients will be able to enjoy the community of a group class and still have their individual structural and mechanical strategies addressed.


Wednesday: 9:00 - 10:00 am


$30 + GST per single class, $220 + GST per 8 class card.

Dance Training Workshops

Dance Training Workshops

Dance Training Workshops are led by Rachael Corbett throughout the year to help small groups of dancer's (6-8) work with regional body parts (i.e. core, foot, shoulders) to understand better ways to align, balance and control for optimal performance and minimize risk of injury. Contact the front desk (604-538-8338) to find out when the next Dance Training Workshop is happening.

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